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12 June Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Are you looking forward to creating a Bujo for June?

Then you should pay attention to a few important factors. Out of those factors, the Bujo cover holds a prominent place.

Here are some of the most impressive Bujo cover ideas that are available for you to consider. You can go through these ideas and pick the best cover based on your preferences. It can deliver the best cover page for your June Bujo.

#1. Minimalist Style

If you want to get a minimalist looking Bujo cover, this is one of the best ideas available to consider. You can easily create this Bujo cover with a black colored pen and a light blue colored pencil.

It is up to you to use your creativity and design a unique ring made out of leaves. In the middle of the ring, you can have the name of the month.  

#2. Bubble Tea is a must for summer

You just need to get some colored marker pens and create this Bujo cover. It offers a funky style, which can impress any foodie out there. Getting this cover for the Bujo will allow you to share all your love for food.

#3. Ocean

People who are inspired by nature can think about getting this Bujo cover.

You can do it with just one black colored marker pen. Using the pen, you can draw the seashells as you can see on a beach.

When you take a look at the Bujo cover, it will remind you about spending time on a beach.

#4. Dreamer

Following is a perfect Bujo cover available for a dreamer. You can showcase your love for dreaming with the help of this Bujo cover.

If you are expecting something to happen in June, this is a perfect Bujo cover available to get.

#5. Flowers

You can give a perfect welcome to the month of June with this Bujo cover. This is a quite complicated Bujo cover.

However, the time and effort you spend to design the Bujo cover with watercolors are totally worth when compared to the results you can end up with. 

#6. Cactus, the most popular items.

Cactus is always the most popular item for the bullet journal. You could use them anytime. It will also assist you to stay connected with nature.

You should be using a few colored markers to come up with this great design.

But it's easy, right?

#7. House Plants

If you are interested in sharing your love for houseplants in the month of June, you can get this Bujo cover. June marks the end of the spring and it is the perfect time to rebuild your connection with greenery in the environment.

You can highlight that with the following Bujo cover. It will make you feel curious to go outdoors and spend your time along with nature again.

#8. Beach

By the end of June, you can go out and enjoy your time. You can even think about going on a vacation.

It is possible for you to share all those vacation pans in the Bujo by going for this Bujo cover. It will keep you excited about the upcoming vacation.

#9. Wreath with Sakura

If you only have the fine line pens, you could consider this style.

This Bujo cover has been designed while paying special attention to lots of details, even in 1 color. Any person who wants to create the perfect Bujo cover while taking the time and paying attention to detail can go for this option.

#10. Fruit

When you are going through a difficult time in life, you will come across the need to transform the challenges that you come across into opportunities.

While sharing your ideas to overcome such challenges in the Bujo, you can think about getting this cover. It will keep you motivated.

#11. Something special and creative you could try.

This is one of the most outstanding Bujo covers available to get.

You can get a flower of your choice and draw exactly the same on the cover. Then you can cut the cover page of the Bujo accordingly to make it look outstanding.

#12. Cute Dauphine

This Bujo cover illustrating dolphins is something that you will immediately fall in love with. You can easily create this Bujo cover as well.

All you have to do is to get some colored pens, watercolors, and some creativity.


Now you are aware of 12 of the best Bujo cover designs available for June. Take a look at these covers and go for the best one out of them!

We also share lots of bullet journal ideas on our IG, @paperhouse_me.

Welcome to share your bullet journal ideas.

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